Action Kommandant (2016)

Action Commandant

Politics / 1h 30m / Feature / Documentary


Action Kommandant is the untold story of the South-African anti-apartheid freedom fighter, Ashley Kriel. Known as the ‘Che Guevara’ of Cape Town's notorious Cape Flats, Kriel became an icon of the 1980s youth resistance before being murdered by apartheid police at the age of twenty. Through a mix of animated sequences, previously unreleased archival footage, and intimate testimony from family, comrades, and his closest friends, this captivating biopic offers a necessary confrontation with South Africa’s fraught past that finds particular relevance today as a new generation of young activists - both in South Africa and beyond - demand historical redress.

Directed by Nadine Angel Cloete


Afrikaans, English
English Subtitles
South Africa
South Africa
Southern Africa